The “I Can Hear Foundation” is a Non Profit Organization, in collaboration with Adventis ENT Clinics & SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinics, with the objectiveto improve the hearing health of the community. It has been set up by clinical professionals experienced in the treatment of hearing loss and ear disease along with parents of children using cochlear implants successfully.

I Can Hear Foundation is : A registered Trust under Section 12A of the IT Act
vide letter No : CIT/(E)/ DEL-IR24967-09032016/5671 dated 09/03/2016 and Trust was granted permission under Section 80 G vide letter No CIT(E)/DEL-IE26619-09032016/6773 dated 09/03/2016


The mission of I Can Hear Foundation is to increase awareness on childhood hearing loss, provide early diagnostic support to adults and children with deafness, initiate early intervention programmes, provide access to hearing technology (hearing aids and cochlear implants) to children and adults, enable hearing and speech therapy, perform ear and hearing surgery at subsidised costs.

What we do

I Can Hear Foundation is a Non Profitorganisation aimed at improving the hearing health of the children and adults in our community by the following means :

  • Create awareness among parents, care givers, policy makers, community leaders about deafness and early intervention of hearing loss
  • Providing early diagnostic support to “at risk” children
  • Identifying children for intervention, develop action plan including, referrals, resources and fund for intervention
  • Providing ongoing hearing and auditory verbal health care, technology support and socializationto children and adults
  • Provide access to affordable surgery for ear disease and hearing loss in children and adults
  • Enable access to technology such as hearing aids, bone conduction aids and cochlear implants
  • Training and imparting knowledge to all professionals working in the fields of Medicine, Ear disease, Audiology, Hearing & Speech Disorders, Habilitation, Disability, Education etc so as to improve access to good quality care
  • Our key professionals have partnered with other philanthropic organizations for providing financial support for the provision of hearing aids, hearing and speech therapy / habilitation and to fund cochlear implantation to children and adults at very highly subsidised costs to the patients and their families